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Our Business Strategy

We strive to maintain our Group’s position as one of the top disposable hygiene product machinery providers in the PRC by strengthening our research and development capabilities, increasing the competitiveness of our products, increasing production capacity of our production bases and deepening our penetration in the PRC and overseas markets.

We intend to implement the following strategies and expansion plans to capitalise on our strengths so as to enhance our business prospects and financial performance.

Our Business Overview

According to Prospectus report, for the three years ended 31 December 2016, 2017, 2018, HAINA Intelligence’s revenue is 113 million RMB, 261 million RMB, and 337 million RMB, respectively. The corresponding gross margin is 21.6%, 21.7%, and 22.7%, respectively. ForNet profit is 8.627 million RMB, 30.031 million RMB, and 39.227 millionRMB,respectively.


We provide comprehensive services to our customers, from collaborating with our customers on product designs, to customising our products based on specifications provided by our customers, conducting quality control, delivering products to customers, installing products for customers and providing after-sales services.  

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We bring state-of-the-art machinery solutions.

HAINA Intelligence will continue to strengthen our research and development capabilities of hygiene product machine. In order to meet the market demand and keep up with market competition, we plan to introduce machines with new functionalities structures for the purpose of enhancing precision. Moreover, we plan to acquire high-end precision automation and automatic packaging function in our production process. The size of the production machineries and Demo Machines is expected to increase going forward.


Our financing purpose of going public is clear.

Therefore, our financing purpose of going public is clear. On one hand, we intend to set up a new research and development centre in Jinjiang, Funjian Province, the PRC, where the estimated building area is approximately 11,200 sq.m. This would provide a dedicated area for us to develop new design of machines.

On the other hand, we intend to acquire a company engaging in the high-end precision automation equipment development with related experience, skills and technology (such as rotating cross-cutting technology) in the production of disposable hygiene product machines; and a company engaging in the development, design and manufacture of automatic packaging equipment with related experience, skills and technology in the production of disposable hygiene product machines. This will deepen our penetration in the disposable hygiene product machinery industry in the PRC and overseas markets.

Our multilevel business can guarantee steady growth of revenue.

Although, our face mask machine business is temporary due to the outbreak of coronavirus disease (“COVID-19”). In the long run, we can change the sales strategies to using leasing method, such as licensing, etc. In this case, we can provide the value-added service to our customers by charging leasing, consulting, and maintenance. This multilevel business portfolio can guarantee our steady increasing of revenue.

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